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SoftPro Live is a web based tool that streamlines communications with your closing and title professionals, making the closing process faster, easier, and more cost effective.

Attention: As part of ongoing security efforts, SoftPro LIVE will require Multi- Factor Authentication (MFA), effective November 7, 2022.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires you to provide two verification factors to gain access to the SoftPro LIVE website. These factors still include the use of a password, but with the added choice of receiving a text message with a code; or downloading an app that will generate codes; or by sending a code through a voice call.

After inputting your password below for the first time after November 7, you will be prompted to set up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) using a simple wizard that will guide you through the process. Once set up, you will enter a password and the MFA option of your choice to log in to SoftPro LIVE.


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